Does The Mere Existence Of Women Help Men With Their Finances?

Before my wife, Ann, and I got married we discussed our finances and budgeting.  Being the money controlling person I was as a single man, I was very reluctant to have a joint bank account.  Ann explained to me the benefits of a joint account, and that once we were married, we should handle our…
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Leaping Into Financial Confidence

Consumer Advocate Outlines the Best Way to Take Stock of Your Financial Situation Washington, D.C., Feb. 17, 2012 – Lack of time is one of the main excuses people use to avoid tasks. Well thanks to the Leap Year, everyone will get an extra 24 hours this month to devote to those outstanding items on…
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Social Security Statements Mailed To Select Age Groups

The social security administration halted the mailing of social security statements in order to cut costs but has now issued a statement indicating that select groups will see their statements in paper form rather than only online.  I have attached the document I received from Sandra Block at USA Today: Social Security Statement Information

2011: Financial Advice During A Volatile Year

   December 16th, 2011 For sheer investment chaos, 2011 is hard to beat. How did CFP® professionals guide their clients in a market where irrationality prevailed? Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Consumer Advocate Eleanor Blayney, CFP® asked CFP Board Ambassadors from across the U.S. about how they advised clients during a year when nothing…
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A Wonderful Financial Life

By Paul Jarvis, Portfolio Manager and Certified Financial Planner™, State Bank & Trust Last night I watched my favorite movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, starring James Stewart as George Bailey, a man who, on Christmas Eve, finds himself in deep financial trouble. His guardian angel, Clarence, helps George find clarity in life by showing him…
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