Want To Know What The Frack Is Going On?

 What to learn more about fracturing (fracking)? 

Hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” is a process used to stimulate the production of oil and natural gas by forcing pressurized water and sand mixed with chemicals underground to release the oil and gas.



National Geographic created the video below that illustrates how fracking works and uses North Dakota as its example. 


[important]Good and bad can come of fracking.  I have included two videos that speak to both sides of the fracking conversation. [/important]


The first is from the Institute for Energy Research that explains how North Dakota has experienced significant economic benefits and some of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation.


The second video illustrates the concerns with fracking especially as it relates to water contamination.

As written by the New York Times, “…the song, inspired by a series of stories by ProPublica on the hazards of gas drilling, is meant to provide basic information on a complex subject in an easy-to-digest way and encourage further exploration”



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