Over 1,000 In Less Than 4 Months!

Thank you to my readers!  In my amateur start to blogging financialplanning.areavoices.com has exceeded 1,000 views in less than four months! 


Here are the top 10 entries:

  1. Wants vs. Needs & My Brainwashed Wife: By far the most viewed entry….crushing the rest in readership
  2. When Should You Collect Social Security?
  3. 2012 Estate Planning Guide
  4. How Much Health Insurance Do I Need?
  5. Pay It Forward: Carson Glore Foundation
  6. A Two-minute Economics Course
  7. The Growing Public Sector Pension Gap
  8. A Financial To-Do List for Summer’s End
  9. Post-Election Insights: Helpful Links
  10. Financial Tips for Living Solo


Thank you and keep reading!


Paul J. Jarvis, CFP®